February 2017 – OnTarget Precision Calculator v2.25 Release

This is the text from the original OnTarget Shooting blog post announcing the release of the OnTarget Precision Calculator v2.25 in February 2017. You can view the original post at this link, OnTarget PC v2.25 Release.

A new version of the OnTarget Precision Calculator is available from the OnTarget Shooting website.

This is the first new release since version 2.10 became available in February 2011. I had originally planned to provide regular updates, but a very short-term contract position turned into a long-term position, leaving me little time for OnTarget development. Thankfully v2.10 was very stable, and I was able to correct most issues on a case-by-case basis. I'm currently between contracts and I've used this time to roll up all the changes into version 2.25.

Version 2.25 contains improvements and bug fixes that were implemented over the last six years, including:

  • Disabled the "Server Busy" message that appeared on some systems during scanning.
  • Improve font sizing and spacing when printing the project.
  • Corrected a few issues with data export.
  • Added selection for Minute Of Angle (MOA) / Milliradians (mil) selection.
  • The .tgx project files are now cross compatible with the OnTarget TDS program.
  • Updated Help system.

There is no upgrade charge for registered users of v2.10, please go to the OnTarget FAQ web page for more information on the upgrade process.

Current development efforts include a new version of the OnTarget TDS program, along with several new projects in the next couple months.

Thanks for supporting OnTarget!