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OnTarget Precision Calculator

OnTarget Precision Calculator is a tool used to accurately measure and analyze bullet hole groups. The target image is imported from a scanner or camera. Target distance and hole size are defined, then circles are positioned over the bullet holes. Group information is automatically calculated and displayed. Click to view the short demonstration video.

Go to the OnTarget Download Page to get started now.

OnTarget Precision Calculator v2.10 has many new and upgraded features including:

  • Bullet holes can be edited (move/delete).
  • Target printing.
  • Standard and metric measurements.
  • Image rotation in 90 degree increments.
  • Easy to use ruler and set reference tools.
  • New hotkeys for common operations (see help file for more info).

The registration fee for the OnTarget Precision Calculator v2.10 is $11.99. Click here to Purchase your copy. The program comes with a fully functional 15 day free trial. Click the Try button on the splash screen to start using the program.

For more information about the program and measuring groups go to: OnTarget Features.

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OnTarget TDS

January 8, 2012: The OnTarget Target Data System program has been released. TDS can combine the shots from multiple groups and/or targets into a single virtual group. TDS will also automatically locate bulls and bullet holes on custom targets that are printed from your computer. Please visit the OnTarget TDS Website and the OnTarget Shooting Blog for more information on TDS features and continuing development.

TDS Project View TDS Target Data TDS Data Printout

The freeware version of OnTarget is available here: Download v1.10.

Mail to: ontargetsoftware@msn.com for more information.

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