OnTarget Projects

These are a few of the specialized projects we've done over the past few years.

OnTarget ARA Scoring

The OnTarget ARA Scoring program calculates scores on American Rimfire Association smallbore benchrest targets. The target is scanned, scored, and the results printed/exported in about 1/4 the time required for hand scoring. With accurate and consistent results, the matches run more smoothly with fewer protests and less re-scoring of targets vs hand scoring. The ARA scoring program is used regularly by over 40 clubs, and in regional and national matches.

For more information on the ARA and their competitions go to: https://americanrimfire.com

OnTarget Custom Projects

OnTarget Software has produced several custom packages for customers requiring even more detailed and extensive data. These packages integrate data from electronic target frames and chronographs to provide information at a level not available with other systems.

Side-by-side group comparisons with detailed group information help with load development, tuner testing, and shooting system decisions. Data from the chronograph adds another layer of important data to the target analysis.