OnTarget TDS

OnTarget TDS is the next step up in measuring precision and accuracy. Using automated target analysis, TDS expands on the measurement and data gathering capabilities of the Precision Calculator. The additional information and advanced statistics generated by TDS will help you make better decisions about your shooting setup. Download TDS to get started now.

TDS Extended Target Data

TDS Virtual Groups

TDS virtual groups improve the quality of your information. Three and five shot groups can give a rough idea of the precision of your firearm. The higher shot count of TDS virtual groups greatly improves the quality of your data.

Virtual group information includes, max spread, mean radius, group extents, standard deviations, and velocity stats.

TDS Extended Target Data Dialog

TDS Makes Gathering Data Easy

TDS includes over 40 predefined targets for automated analysis. Simply print the target, shoot one shot per bull, scan your target, and let TDS do the rest. TDS combines the shots into a virtual group using a common point of aim and displays the data, without cumbersome manual plotting or calculations. Click to view the TDS Target Images.


TDS Includes OnTarget PC Features

TDS includes all the features and capabilities of the OnTarget Precision Calculator, and like OnTarget PC, will work with any target. Import the target image, create groups, and start adding shots. All the data and information from OnTarget PC is included in TDS.

TDS Target 01

Download TDS...

The OnTarget TDS program comes with a  fully functional 15 day free trial that starts when you install the program. Download the installation package, select Open, and run Setup.exe to install the program immediately, or save the file to your computer for later installation.


Follow these steps to purchase OnTarget TDS

  • Start the program and locate the Registration Number at the lower left corner of the splash screen.
  • Copy and paste, or carefully type the Registration Number into the field below.
  • The registration fee is $34.99 (Westminster, CO residents, 3.85% sales tax added).
  • Click the "Buy Now" button and complete your purchase through PayPal.

You will receive an email containing your Registered Username and Unlock Key. Please allow 24-36 hours for processing.

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