OnTarget and Target Cameras

I’ve been looking into interfacing a target camera into an extended version of the OnTarget TDS¬†program. Capturing live video inside TDS opens up a lot of possibilities. Here are a few features that would be possible.

  • Live view from the video camera.
  • Capture a frame from the camera into the program and measure the groups on the target.
  • Automatically detect new shots on the target directly from the video and add then to the current group.
  • Time delayed video feed with 2-10 second delay. Shooter can take a shot, follow through properly, and see where the bullet hit several seconds later on the screen.

I’ve been working with the DTM110P system from Prizum LLC. The DTM100 camera has a custom ground lens with a narrow field of view that allow it to be placed a good distance in front of the target. The resulting image has less image distortion than other systems that place the camera closer to the target and/or off to the side. In addition the DTM100 and its receiver are tested to provide a stable image out to 4000 yards without the addition of boosters or relay stations.

Send an email to let me know if you’re interested in seeing a new OnTarget that works with a target camera. Include your ideas for other features that utilize the camera.