OCW Load Development and OnTarget

I am asked on a fairly regular basis “How can the OnTarget programs be used to do OCW Load Development?” Before that question can be answered we first need to answer, “What is OCW?”. For an answer to that question we need to go to the source.

Optimal Charge Weight Load Development, commonly known as “OCW”, is a load development procedure defined by Dan Newberry and explained in detail on his website ocwreloading.com

Once the user understands the steps for OCW Load Development we can answer the question of how OnTarget programs can help with the procedure.

OnTarget programs are used to gather very precise data on the position of the shots in a group. As the shot positions are defined, the program will calculate the group measurements and other data. These include, center-to-center group size, group x/y extents, group offset, and basic statistical data if using TDS. This shot data is very helpful when performing OCW load development but the analysis of the data is still up to the shooter. By comparing the quality (mean radius or standard deviations) and offsets of adjacent groups the shooter can find his optimal charge weight and move on to the next steps of load development.

By using well defined and repeatable procedures, such as Dan Newberry’s OCW Load Development, and the precise data gathered with the OnTarget programs, shooters can attain exceptional consistency and precision at the target.